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About us
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Nanotem Korea constantly researches and develops materials, parts, and next-generation precision processing technology and systems in high-tech fields. We achieve this by pursuing new ideas, combining extensive experience and research with industry technology.

In particular, our products utilize "aeroFIX," a porous ceramic aerofix created through our own ceramic sintering technology. These products have been widely applied in nearly all high-tech industries, including LCD, PDP, PCB, semiconductor, solar cell, and electronic printing, both domestically and internationally.

Our contributions to the evolution and development of the domestic and international display industries have been significant. Products such as stages, fixed chucks, transfer chucks, semiconductor wafer cutting equipment, inspection equipment, transfer equipment, secondary battery production equipment, and electric vehicle battery production equipment have played a crucial role.

With a commitment to continuous research and development, all employees at Nanotem Korea strive to develop and provide new technologies and products that meet customer needs. We always listen to their requirements, aiming to become a trusted and beloved company by offering the right products and technologies.

We are dedicated to working closely with you to create a better future.

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Nanotem Korea Co., Ltd CEO chung jae seung