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Porous Ceramic Adsorption Stage,


pore size 0.8㎛2㎛5㎛15㎛50㎛100㎛
color blackblack, whitegraygraygray, ochergray
porosity 40%40%40%40%40%40%
surface resistance 10^6~910^6~910^1010^10xx
Main fields of
film, glass, wafer,Inspection of FPCB, etc.
Floating facilities and many other applications
inkjet, coater adsorption stageNon-contact suction chuck, inkjet
Equipment Chuck Stage, Jump Chuck
silicon ingot processing,Secondary battery ROLL TO ROLL transportation, Air bearing, MLCC adsorption stage

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5-Advantage realized with Nanotem Korea’s own material and sintering technology

* Comparison with the existing type

Porous Ceramic Adsorption Stage Product Introduction