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CMP conditioner

Chemical &Mechanical Planarization

CMP conditioner

During the semiconductor wafer lamination process,
excellent wafer top surface flatness is required to enable continuous lamination work.
To do this, CMP pads must maintain precise flatness, so CMP conditioners are needed.

Our CMP conditioner can minimize the damage of the CMP pad and extend its life through
the most advanced diamond shape and arrangement.

classification shape substrate material Features

metal substance ·excellent diamond Combination
·Higher diamond protrusion (over 50% of each crystal): results in Better circulation of slurry and more optimized pad textures
·Unique mating surface profile to reduce micro scratches

metal substance ·Adjustable for superior leveling
·with precision control of tip height, both cutting rate and pad roughness can be controlled.

Polymeric substance ·Metal free
·O-pyrradia retains the advantages of original pyrradia and does not produce metal ions during the dressing process.
Schematic diagram: pad surface roughness after dressing

Type1 : equal leveling

˙ Same leveling
˙ Small Ra
˙ Smooth pad surface

Type2 : 2nd level leveling

˙ Medium Ra
˙ weak roughness pad surface

Type3 : 3nd level leveling

˙ Large Ra
˙ roughness pad
*Thermal Deformation Test
FRT 2D FRT 3D Profile Waviness
50 ℃

100 ℃